Friday, June 20, 2008

Slider Time

Slider the mascot of the Cleveland Indians came to Heartland Point for their 2 year anniversary and my awesome babysitter took Adam to see him and got this picture. Of course Adam also took home all the balloons pictured plus more.

Smith Dairy Track Meet

Adam was able to participate in a local track meet for younger kids.

He ran in the 100 meter dash and did the standing long jump.

He earned 2 certificates!

This is the family that joined us at the meal.

My Sister-in-law, her mother and sister. My Aunt and her 2 daughters and my cousin's mother-in-law.

It was such a nice day!

Mother's Day 2008

My mom and I try to go to our church's All Daughter Banquet each year. This year the men made and served the meal to over 100 women.

Dad's 61st birthday

This is my Dad's 61st birthday brother in the last picture with his middle son Roger and then of course my dad in the 2nd picture. Adam in the middle picture.

Trying not to sound like an advertisement, BUT I'm teaching a class at Heartland Point in Orrville, and this is the quart paint can we are making, filled with chocolates.

Our student assistant at work had a birthday and he loves surfboards so I had found this stamp and made him this card. Plus Adam loves the stamp as well and has been using it!

A friend of ours was turning 40 so I made him a card and covered a case for a gift card.
He has a golden retriever named "Buddy" and I thought the dog in the stamp reminded me a little bit of Buddy. I love the other stamp, that's probably what he is saying under his breath when his wife gets out the "honey do list" :)

A co-worker asked me to make a card for a little girl named Olivia and she loves ducks, so I had this stamp in my stash and I think it's cute sticking it's head out!

Easter Treats

Here are some little baskets I made and filled with jelly beans for the kids at church. Really simple to make!!!

Fresh Flowers

I just love spring and seeing all the new flowers coming up. Adam and I love the tulips!!!

Father Son Time

Jeff coached Adam's team this year and had a blast. It's all about having fun he says, not about winning!!! I truly believe all the kids had fun because they want him as a coach the next time!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Soccer Time

This is Adam getting his soccer picture taken.

Adam's spring program

Here's Adam all dressed up and on the way to the spring program at Maple. He did such a good job. He had a speaking part and did very well.

Roger's Birthday

Here is Adam reading Roger's card to him. We are proud of how well he can read.

Roger's Birthday

We are at my Brother's house once again for my nephew Roger's birthday party. It was such a beautiful day we sat out on the deck and watched the boys play.

Here we are at my Brother's house eating tons of great food and enjoying some great family time!!!

Easter Morning

Here is Adam finding his Easter Basket. This was the first year he has ever woke up at 4:30 in the morning to want it and "oops" the Easter Bunny forgot to hide it the night before......and the cat kept moving the egg path....

Okay, don't mind the mess, but I was in the process of cleaning and Adam doing Easter eggs...


I am so sorry, I have been so out of the loop.....a great friend of mine today told me that my blog is so out of date......Let me see if I can post some things...